March 12, 2004

Shopping Mall Infill

Category: Urban Planning

shorea020904.jpeMilwaukee: Could the age of the lone mall in acres of parking finally be drawing to a close?

That may be a bit far fetched, but as awareness of the desire for real "urbanity" grows, coupled with rising real-estate costs, many malls are redesigning themselves to be more like real towns, and less like battleships in a sea of asphalt, putting parking underground or in structures, and putting new buildings where the lots once were.

Bayshore Mall in Milwaukee, is undergoing a massive redevelopment which will feature outdoor areas, reduced surface parking, and in a new twist - condos and apartments.

Granted, this will still be a massive private development with lots of chain stores, but it will probably be a lot nicer than the current set-up.

Additional info - [Denver][Louisville PDF][Southern California]

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i rely want to get the issues by next month before 10th

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