March 30, 2004 

Permacultural Parking Lots

Tucson:If you can't have a permeable parking lot, then the next best thing is to get rid of curbs and put your water runoff into a useful place. The Sonora Desert Museam, near Tucson, did just that. The lot is... [read on...]

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Environment , Urban Planning

 March 27, 2004 

Gravelpave 2

Tucson: Among the many thoughtful steps taken in the development of the Milagro Co-Housing project in Tucson, is the installation of a porous surface for their parking lot. A product known as Gravelpave 2 was used in place of traditional... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 March 23, 2004 

Airline Meals .net

The Friendly Skies: It may not be as practical as SeatGuru or Sleeping In Airports, but as far as obscure aviation websites go, is probably the most fascinating I've come across. It's nothing more than photos of thousands of... [read on...]

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 March 18, 2004 

Greening Urban Lots

Philadelphia: Like many rust belt cities, Philly is plagued by a multitude of dilapidated vacant lots. This article in the Philadelphia Inquirer showcases a plan to beautify a great many of them using money generated by a Flower Show at... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 March 12, 2004 

Shopping Mall Infill

Milwaukee: Could the age of the lone mall in acres of parking finally be drawing to a close? That may be a bit far fetched, but as awareness of the desire for real "urbanity" grows, coupled with rising real-estate costs,... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 March 03, 2004 

Waterway Preservation

Scottsdale, AZ: The design of Foothills Academy Prep School, also notable for being one of the largest straw-bale buildings ever constructed, includes a preserved desert wash in front of the school. Typically, small waterways have been buried or lined with... [read on...]

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Environment , Urban Planning

 March 01, 2004 


Flagstaff, AZ: In the surpisingly chilly highlands near Flagstaff, AZ, weary skiers are invited to take shelter in a surprisingly cozy Yurt. Inspired by traditional Mongolian structures, the Yurt has taken off as an inexpensive, enironmentally benign, and incredibly practical... [read on...]

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