September 4, 2003

London Taxis in the US?

Category: Cars

Chicago: I've always been a big fan of London Taxis - they're infinitely roomier than anything in the states, and they have an amazing turning radius that allows them to flip around the moment they see you.

Now, it seems London is about to lose their monopoly on the world's best cabs. Apparently, a firm known as "London Taxis of North America" is selling London Cabs to American fleets (painted yellow of course). The first are supposed to debut in Chicago this week, and as many as 3,000 are hoped to be rolled out within 4 years. Could busses be next?

[CNN Article]

Posted by Nick at September 4, 2003 11:46 AM


NY used to have a bunch of the double deckers running on select routes. Now they are just used as tourist busses. Also the old NY Checker cabs where extremely roomy, there where two stool like seats that folded out of the wall dividing the front and back, so 6 people could fit easily (5 in back, 1 in front).

Posted by: Abe at September 4, 2003 5:32 PM

Victoria in British Columbia, Canada uses UK-built Dennis double-decker buses, and one of them was borrowed for evaluation in Toronto.

Incidentally, Iraq inherited from its British colonial masters an enthusiasm for double-deckers, though I believe that the latest ones in Baghdad (bought last year) are Chinese. There are also German-made double-deckers in Berlin and a few British ones in Tehran.

Posted by: David at September 4, 2003 6:35 PM