September 5, 2003

Forgotten Cincinnati Subway (website)

Category: Transit

Cincinnati: Midwestern cities are generally not known for their subways, although several have them. Cincinnati, back in a more golden age, started building one, and for a variety of reasons never finished it.
This website explains it all and gives a fascinating look at the massive tunnels that still lie vacant under the city.

Cincinnati has been planning a new light-rail system for years but is having a hard time getting it off the ground. If it ever gets built, the old tunnel may finally see a use! St. Louis' Metrolink Light rail uses a similar pre-existing tunnel to travel under downtown saving a fortune in costs.

Posted by Nick at September 5, 2003 2:25 PM


Vancouver's Skytrain is another example. The downtown tunnel was built in the 1930s and then not used for many years before the new system was built in the 1980s.

Posted by: Michael Jennings at September 10, 2003 11:43 PM