August 29, 2003 

Keeping Kids Busy

Near Luxembourg City: While in Luxembourg, we stopped at a huge German hardware store chain (forgot the name) and beheld this brilliant solution to the age old "screaming kids in the store" problem. Even though this made me laugh hysterically,... [read on...]

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 August 27, 2003 

Healing Freeway Scars

Columbus: As noted in David Sucher's fabulous city comforts blog, Columbus Ohio, faced with a freeway widening project, has chosen a revolutionary approach to designing overpasses: Adding shops and offices to them in such a way that the overpass... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 August 22, 2003 

Sleeping in Airports

Website: In keeping with theme of interesting aviation websites I've found lately, here's a really fabulous one: A thorough, if crude, database on most of the world's airports, rated as to their degree of hospitality towards those unfortunate enough... [read on...]

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 August 19, 2003 

The Caen Twisto

Caen, France: Here's a neat combination of bus and light rail. The 'twisto' system in the Norman city of Caen runs on rubber tires but has a single central rail that keeps it on course. It runs on overhead electrical... [read on...]

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 August 15, 2003 

Commuter Centers

Waukesha, WI: It's obvious that shops and other businesses benefit by being near a popular transit stop, but can the opposite effect work? Officials are planning to add shops and other services to existing and planned "Park and Ride" bus... [read on...]

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 August 14, 2003 

Pabst City

Milwaukee: One of brewing's great legends, and everyone's favorite kitsch beer is set to live again in the form of a massive redevelopment of the old Pabst brewery in Milwaukee into apartments, offices, and entertainment space. Detailed NYtimes article here.... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 August 04, 2003 

SF Bay Trail

San Francisco Bay: A recreation trail is slowly shaping up to ring San Francisco Bay with an uninterrupted pathway for bikes and walkers. Combined with other trails in the works, this project will bring much appreciated opportunities for recreation, transportation,... [read on...]

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