February 28, 2003 

Cell Phone Tube Maps

London: Finally, something truly useful for fancy mobile phones: Downloadable tube maps, in full color, that you can use to navigate the system. Other cities [Paris] already have this system for PDAs, but putting it on a phone is a... [read on...]

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Internet , Transit

 February 17, 2003 

Computerized Parking Networks

Dublin: Driving into a city center and trying to find parking is always a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city. In Dublin, however, the task has been brilliantly simplified. Big blue signs are posted in obvious... [read on...]

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Cars , Urban Planning

 February 05, 2003 

Congestion Charging

London: I'm going waaaay out on a limb to call this plan brilliant because it's completely unproven and very unpopular. But I decided to publish it anyway for the reasons below. Time will prove me right or wrong. Here's the... [read on...]

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Urban Planning