December 3, 2002


Category: Internet

London: This is truly brilliant. Have you ever been sitting in a bar, or walking down the street and heard a pop tune you really like, but had no idea who the artist was or what the name of the song was? Well, now all you have to do it whip out your mobile phone, dial a 4 digit number, then hold your phone out toward the source of the music for 30 seconds and hang up. A few minutes later you get a text message with the song's details and a link to that offers to sell you the album. The site even remembers who you are so you can call back and get a list of all the songs you've asked about. The only drawback is that it costs 50p each time, and then you get periodically harassed by text messages offering to sell you more stuff, but still a phenomenally impressive use of technology.

Posted by Nick at December 3, 2002 5:38 PM