December 29, 2002 

Vegas Monorail Extension

Las Vegas: Las Vegas has finally begun to expand its monorail system. The current system is a pretty useless novelty that runs so far behind the MGM Grand that it's usually not worth walking to the station. The new system... [read on...]

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Transit , Urban Planning

 December 26, 2002 

The High Line II

New York: It's definitely Christmas in New York! Mayor Bloomberg has just officially given his support to the High Line Project, a once doomed plan to reuse a stretch of abandoned elevated railway in Manhattan as a recreational trail. Looks... [read on...]

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Urban Planning

 December 23, 2002 

Bus Rapid Transit

Curitiba, Brazil: Given a budget that made rail transit impossible to implement, the city of Curitiba famously cordoned off some traffic lanes and started running stretched buses between stations as a cheaper substitute. The system runs just like a rail... [read on...]

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 December 20, 2002 

Materials Reuse

San Francisco: Building REsources is a non-profit firm in San Francisco who collect, via donation, used materials and architectural remnants from building and demolition sites. They organize it all, and sell it. Kind of like a junkyard, but with a... [read on...]

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Environment , Society

 December 16, 2002 

More on Green Roofs

The City: Continuing the discussion on Green Roofs, here is an interesting article from Metropolis mentioning two more interesting benefits that go beyond the building itself: Reduced ambient summer temperature, thus less need for air-conditioning, and in turn less energy... [read on...]

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Architecture , Environment , Urban Planning

The Smart Car

The Motorway: This is the famous "Smart Car". A miniscule 2 seater that supposedly gets up to 100mpg. I tried one out on Saturday and it's every bit as roomy and capable as a regular car and even accelerates... [read on...]

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Cars , Environment

 December 13, 2002 

Quicktime Panoramas

Your Monitor: One again, inspired by Nick Denton's weblog, I've been treated to an amazing use of technology on the internet. Quicktime Panoramic vistas are actually not that new, but this is the most thorough and impressive collection of them... [read on...]

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 December 11, 2002 

Decent Gas Mileage

Europe: This is the Opel Station wagon, don't remember the model, Diesel powered and a completely basic, but quite adequate automobile. I drove around in it for a week in Austria and covered about 1000km, which despite the cost of... [read on...]

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Cars , Environment

 December 10, 2002 

Airborne Internet

The Friendly Skies: [nytimes article] There's a certain regret in seeing one of the last web-free places fall, but honestly, as long as I'm stuck in coach what could be better than live internet to play with? The latest system... [read on...]

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Aviation , Internet

 December 05, 2002 

Grass Roofs

Munich: Well, this particular building is not the most attractive grass-roofed structure I've ever seen, but I thought it was a nifty because of how it imbeds itself in the earth, hobbit-like. This kind of building not only let's... [read on...]

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Architecture , Environment , Urban Planning

 December 03, 2002 


London: This is truly brilliant. Have you ever been sitting in a bar, or walking down the street and heard a pop tune you really like, but had no idea who the artist was or what the name of the... [read on...]

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