October 30, 2002

California High Speed Rail

Category: Transit

THE I-5 CORIDOR: It's about time someone at least attempted to organise a consortium toward getting high speed rail, pardon the pun, on track in the US. And although it's mired in bureaucracy, California seems to be moving ahead nicely.

If they won't be the first to get things done, at least they have a pretty cool website to look at and educate the public a bit.

If the president of the United States really wanted to improve the country, and stimulate the economy to boot, he would undertake a massive rail building campaign on the scale of Eisenhower's interstate highway commission. The employment generated would be phenomenal, and the public would finally have a viable alternative for intercity transport. It wouldn't even have to be socialized, as such, because while the rails would be publicly owned (like the highways) the trains themselves could be private and pay rent to use the rails. We could liberate ourselves from Amtrak and save rail transportation at the same time!

*ed note - Something funny about the stock art on the California Rail website - it's the Eurostar depicted there, which looks kinda silly, but we'll forgive them.

Posted by Nick at October 30, 2002 11:45 AM